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A crowd of people gather here, fighting for the ideal
They have traveled a lot of countries and seen many advanced technologies
But we believe that the best talent soil and future
Are on the land of China

Future is happening from here
China has the best soil for industry 4.0
Big data provides the best learning environment for the intelligent factory
No nation is more diligent and stronger than the Chinese


Future is happening from here
APE is practicing its ideals. China’s technological strength will surpass Japan and Europe in the future
We will never slack our pursuit for the technological innovation or our efforts for attaining the goal
We are going to provide the automated solution services best suited to the Chinese market and speed
In the future, our kids will no longer need to assemble products for foreign countries
Instead, they will learn to manage Chinese intelligent workers

Future is happening from here
We invite you to join us to practice ideals
艾派  APEAlways Pursue Excellence