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  • Ways of doing things

    Whole process control, phase estimating and pay equal attention to the result and process

  • Selection criteria

    Attaching importance to virtue and possessing both political integrity and ability

  • Staff assessment standards

    "Virtue, ability and achievement" – giving priority to the performance and considering both attitude and ability

  • Employing principles

    Knowing how to judge and use people, using the right people in the right post; exerting their advantages and tolerating disadvantages; using the capable ones, replacing the average ones and eliminating the incapable ones.

  • Employee pursuit

    Build up a healthy physique and mind, temper the will, stimulate the potential, establish the correct value system, thinking and behavior patterns and create a brilliant career and a healthy and rich life.

  • Company human resource outlook

    Talents are the core competence of the corporation. Treatment can retain talents, career can retain talents, affection can retain talents and atmosphere can retain talents.

  • Company management concept

    Use the right person in the right place and at the right time,
    Do the right thing in the right way and do it well,
    Establish an automatic success mechanism for employees and enterprises.

  • Employee professional ethics

    Dedication, loyalty, initiative, responsibility, honesty and diligence.