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Production - Quality


    Our philosophy

    Making sure the world’s first quality, speed, service and innovation within the customer’s economic price range expectation.



    Focus on the entrepreneurial spirit of credit rating and reliability to create customer confidence


    Quality guarantee

    Standardized management system, implement overall quality control and continuously improve quality; meet requirements in quality policy and quality objectives.

Production - system

APE serves “customer as focus point” principle as its basic guiding ideology.

APE sets its foundation on the quality standard, employs informatization, automatization and intelligentize as means, while integrating products into realization, and APE has been devoting itself in constructing non-human-dependent product production quality control system with all staff actively participating.

The APE also serves the lean production theory as its core to reduce waste and improve efficiency. It is believed that poor quality is a waste with high costs and it is vital to emphasize waste reduction (including upgrading quality), improve efficiency and decrease costs. The APE constructs non-human-demanding quality management system will maximize functions of labor, emphasizes employee autonomy, initiative and continuous improvement, integrates all employees into the daily work of “improvement”, and underlines discipline, implementation and constantly improve the entire value stream.

APE combines “do things right at once” and “continue to improve” and implements “continue to improve” on the basis of “do things right at once”. “Constantly conduct self-examination, structure our systems, adhere to the awareness of never slip a problem and persist constant improvement.”

Production - materials

Good product quality comes from good materials, overall production control and detail management.
                               The development of production technology has contributed to the changes of production capacity. APETECH timely adjust its production capacity and production elements including labor and materials according to the development of production technology and demand changes.

During the whole process, elements like APETECH’s technology, highly efficient on-site management model, experienced, timely and precise on-site assembling, customized manufacturing techniques and processes, lean production, all-round production dynamics can effectively control production process and achieve good quality control.

Through the independent system of production management module, we can keep abreast of production status, inventory status, automatically produce production ingredients’ list, tracking the whole production process, manage production materials scientifically, meanwhile, we can effectively control production costs, keep abreast of product output and inventory details, identify problems, avoid over stock and achieve rapid market response.

APETECH concentrates on training, diligence, liability, details and overall production management which are determinants that guarantee APETECH’s product quality as well as clients’ confidence.