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Gathers advanced technologies of APE company,achieving stereo hauling, selecting, inserting, arranging,gumming, assembling with high speed, high precious,high efficiency, and 360° without dead corner. Excellent product design, high efficiency control sys

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    High rigidity low inertia small envelope:Through the optimization of the robot arm topology, the high rigidity and low inertia arm body is realized. The horizontal cabling method greatly reduces the space of the robot envelope and facilitates the customer system layout and use.

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    Beautiful shape:Robot body with a screw-free design concept, with beautiful streamlined shape, shaping the industrial works of art.

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    Selection covers a wide range:350mm and 550mm wingspan two flagship product, and can choose 750mm range, support custom.

ConfigurationHorizontal articulated robot
Degree of freedom4
Drive motorAC servo motor
Encoder typeAbsolute encoder
Allowable inertia torque of the fourth joint
Max. down force of J3150N
Power of each motion axisJoint #1400W
Joint #2200W
Joint #3200W
Joint #4100W
Arm lengthBig arm175mm
Second arm175mm
Max. radius350mm
Working spaceJoint #1±225°
Joint #2±225°
Joint #3130mm
Joint #4±720°
Max. speedJoint #1+Joint #26000mm/s
Joint #31100mm/s
Joint #42500 °/s
Standard cycle time0.340s
Repeatability positioning accuracyJoint #1+Joint #2±0.02mm
Joint #3±0.01mm
Joint #4±0.01°
Body weight (without cables)21.5Kg
Subscriber circuit15 Pin D-sub
Subscriber gas circuitф4mmx1,ф6mmx2
Environmental specificationIP20


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