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  • Horizontal SCARA Robot

  • Ceiling mounted SCARA robot

  • Vertical six-axis robot

  • Robot controller

  • ST3-4040(ST40)

    The horizontal multi-joint manipulator converges the advanced technology of APE company. It can perform cubic carrying, selecting, inserting, arranging, gluing and assemblys and other jobs with high speed, high accurancy and high efficiency.

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  • SH4-4055(SH55)

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  • SH3-4035(SH35)

    Gathers advanced technologies of APE company,achieving stereo hauling, selecting, inserting, arranging,gumming, assembling with high speed, high precious,high efficiency, and 360° without dead corner. Excellent product design, high efficiency control sys

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  • SV2-6045(SV45)

    Six-axis industry manipulator is multi-articulated and multi-DOF robot, flexible action, compact structure,convenient for installation and configuration. Short stable time, good dynamic property, high motion repeatability; the robot adopts inner wiring,

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  • Bus controller (REC series)

    It is based on the open robot control system and structure of EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet, and takes the system software based on high real-time. It is introduced in the modular design, and uses the multilayer control structure constructed by EtherCAT of

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